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Medication to Prevent Blood Clot After a Recent Heart attack or Stroke

Coronary artery is responsible for the blood supply to the heart muscles. The blood clots formed in the artery obstruct the flow of blood to the heart muscles. This results in the heart attack. The blood clots are formed usually due to cholesterol plaque on the inner wall of the coronary artery.

Ticlopidine HCl is used to prevent blood clot after a recent heart attack or stroke. It is also found useful in people with certain disorders of the heart or blood vessels. The FDA approved Ticlopidine HCl in October 1991.

How do Ticlopidine HCl works?

Ticlopidine HCl belongs to the class of drugs called an antiplatelet. It inhibits the ability of the platelets to clump and form blood clots. This reduces the risk of blood clots to block the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscles. All this decrease the chance of stroke or heart attack. The above drug helps keep blood flow smoothly in your body.

How to take Ticlopidine HCl?

Ticlopidine HCl is an oral medication available in the form of tablets of strength 250 mg. Take the tablet along with food. The length of the treatment and the dose is decided by your doctor. It depends on your medical condition.

Dosage: –

  • Adult and Elder patient: – 250 mg two times in a day.
  • Children and adolescent (<18 years): – safety and efficacy are not established for this group of age.

It is sometimes combined with other medicines e.g. aspirin. This combination is used to treat coronary artery stenting for up to 30 days following successful stent implantation.

What are the uses of Ticlopidine HCl?

  • Ticlopidine HCl helps to prevent platelets in your body from sticking together. It also helps to form a clot.
  • It prevents blood clots after a recent heart attack or stroke.
  • It helps prevent clots formation in people who have had a stent placed arteries that supply blood to the heart muscles.
  • It is helpful to prevent stroke in people who can’t tolerate aspirin or aspirin has failed to work.
  • It keeps blood flow smoothly in your body.

What are precautions in taking Ticlopidine HCl?

  • Consult your doctor about all possible effects in certain conditions. Inform or ask your Doctor if you have/are,
  • Allergic to above drug.
  • Any other allergies.
  • History of blood or immune disorder.
  • The problem of active bleeding.
  • Blood clotting disorder.
  • Liver disorder.
  • Kidney problem.
  • Aplastic anemia.
  • Discuss the risk and benefits of above drug in pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol to prevent the risk of bleeding in your stomach or intestine.
  • Avoid Immunization/Vaccination in the period of treatment.
  • Tell your Doctor about all other medicine you take to avoid Drug interaction.

Cost of Ticlopidine HCl (Generic and Brand).

Brand drugs are costlier than the Generic ones. They include a huge expenditure on advertising, Research, and development etc. They also spend on packaging and pricing of the drug. The generic drugs doesn’t include this spending. The benefit is passed to our customers.

Cost of Generic Ticlopidine HCl.

-Pack of 30 tablets of 250 mg costs $ 28, per unit cost is $0.93.

Cost of Brand Ticlid.

-Pack of 30 tablets of 250 mg costs $ 146.79, per unit cost is $ 1.52.

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