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Our products are manufactured by globally recognized pharmaceutical manufacturers who have United States FDA compliance policy standards. If you buy at Rx 2 Go Pharmacy be assured that it is safe and that we have a very strict quality control every time we ship, you can also expect the lowest prices for top quality prescription drugs/medications online.

    • We offer support 12 hours a day 7 day a week
    • Up to 90% off from the cost of your local pharmacy
    • Strict Quality Control
    • 10% Bonus Pills on all re-orders

Rx 2 Go Pharmacy Online

Sells generic prescription drugs and medications that are composed of the very same active ingredients found in their brand name counterpart  drugs. The only difference between the generic version and the branded lies not with the active ingredient its composed of, but rather the money, time and effort put toward the marketing of the brand, basically the cost saved by not marketing  and advertising the brand is passed directly to  the customer. In essence you get a medication sold under its “chemical” or “active ingredient”  name and this equates  70% to 90% of the cost being  saved  , wow !

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  • Accepts Western Union/MoneyGram
  • Discrete Delivery 
  • Cheapest Price
  • Price Match Policy 
  • 24/7  Live Online Order Status
  • Each Order Has Tracking Information

Money back in case you are not happy with the product that's a 100% refund. A 10% bonus on the quantity ordered via  Western Union/Money Grams.


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