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Phenytoin Sodium

Phenytoin Sodium is a prescription anti-epileptic drug. It is prescribed for patients with tonic-clonic and complex partial seizure epilepsy. It helps manage and prevent seizures as well as treating seizures that occur during or after brain surgery.

Phenytoin Sodium is an antiepileptic drug (AEDs). It effectively controls the spread of seizure activity in the brain. It works by controlling the brain chemicals which send signals to the nerves in the motor cortex. It promotes sodium efflux from the nerve cells which helps in stabilizing the excited activity in the brain.

Why Buy Phenytoin Sodium?

Phenytoin Sodium is a widely used anticonvulsant drugs. It is available as a generic and brand-names drugs like Dilantin and Phenytek. The generic drug usually cost less than the branded version but both drugs offer the same effectiveness. Their mechanism of action also remains the same.  They only differ in their packaging, size, shape and price.

How to Take Phenytoin Sodium?

Phenytoin Sodium comes in three oral forms: chewable tablet, extended-release capsule and suspension. The usual recommended dose is 2 to 3 times a day or as prescribe by your physician. The typical starting dose is 100 mg 3 three times a day. Your doctor may gradually increase your dose to two 100 mg taken three times a day. The starting dose for children is 5 mg per kg taken in 2-3 equally divided doses.

Take Phenytoin Sodium with food to avoid stomach upset. Take it with a glass of water at least 8 ounces or 240ml. For the suspension form, shake the bottle well to evenly distribute the medicine. Use the special measuring dose to help you get the correct dose.

Things to Remember

  • Continue taking Phenytoin Sodium unless your doctor tells you to stop. Remember that this medication will only help control your condition but it will not cure it. Stopping the medication suddenly may cause unwanted side effects or may make your condition worse.
  • Phenytoin Sodium can make you dizzy. Do not drive or do any activity that requires mental alertness. Limit also your alcohol intake to avoid excessive drowsiness.
  • Pregnant woman must use this medication only when clearly needed.
  • Phenytoin Sodium may increase your blood sugar level. Patients with diabetes must check the blood sugar level frequently.
  • Use vitamin D supplements when you take Phenytoin Sodium.
  • Use this medication with care if you have liver problems, lupus, diabetes and vitamin B-12 deficiency.