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What Advantages Orlistat has for Weight Loss?

Obesity is the one of the biggest problem in the world today. People do a lot of different things to overcome this obesity. Orlistat is one of the way to get over this problem. It is an over the counter type of medicine. To lose weight you take it every day. Orlistat is the  Generic name of  brand drugs such as Xenical, Alli  et al. Both contain same active ingredient but in same dose. It is a type of anti-obesity drug. Use it  to reduce weight along with proper diet and exercise. Used by adult of age 18 and above.


The main motto is to reduce weight. Orlistat prevents the absorption of fat from the every day diet. So amount of calories reduces. It is simple and effective. It stops the action of an enzyme which breakdown fat in the intestine. So the fat cannot convert into fatty acids. Excreted instead  without ever being  digested by the body.  Resulting in weight lost for the  person who takes it. Whatever fat we eat is not absorbed by your body. Along with this the intake of fat should also be in control.

Orlistat DOSAGE:

Taken 3 times per day. With each main meal (not containing fat more than 30% of the calories for that meal). Or as prescribed by doctor.

Orlistat Advantages:

  1. It primarily reduces fat absorption in the body
  2. Reduces a minimum 2.89 kg per year of orlistat use. (without any kind or workout or diet)
  3. Increase fecal fat excretion up to 30%
  4. Reduces cholesterol , blood pressure
  5. Lowers the plasma total and LDL amount
  6. Lowers sugar level in Diabetes
  7. Decreases the risk on onset of type 2 Diabetes
  8. Helps to keep one from gaining back the weight you have lost
  9. Keeps away from other disease . Like heart disease , diabetes , high blood pressure and a shorter life

Orlistat Downside:

  • Unusable  in pregnancy
  • Unusable   n people with eating disorder
  • See better result along with proper diet and exercise
  • Breast feeding mother cannot use this
  • It can lead to acute kidney injury
  • Due to more amount of undigested fat, person may suffer from diarrhea
  • Some reports show people using this drug can face serious liver injury
  • Can face problem of decreased amount of urine
  • Some possible side effects seen are: thirst, confusion, swelling and breathing problem


Orlistat is far from a magic pill. It does help lose the weight. But you should also follow a diet and regular exercise. Along with medication to get the best results. It helps to lose nearly 50% weight loss than diet alone. It is also necessary to keep a balance. Between the energy your body takes and the energy your body uses.

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