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Treating Gram-positive & Gram-negative Bacterial Infections

Cefdinir is an antibiotic. It is available in the form of capsule to take orally. Brand versions of cefdinir sold in the market are Omnicef and cefzon.  This drug treats gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial infections. It treats a wide range of bacterial infections. It won’t work on viral infection. So if you have common cold or flu than this won’t work.

How do cefdinir works?

Cefdinir belongs to the class of antibiotic known as cephalosporin. It stops the formation of bacterial cell wall. Without cell, bacteria cannot grow. This don’t allow it to multiply and their count decrease. This effectively cure the disease.

What are the uses of Cefnidir?

This class of drugs are known as prophylaxis. It treats a wide variety of bacterial infections. This means if you have viral infection like common cold or flu than it won’t work. Avoid it’s use if not needed. This may lead to increase in risk of bacterial infection.

Doctors may advice this medicine for other uses not listed in the medication guide.

How to take Cefnidir?

Cefdinir comes in a form of capsule (300 mg). General dose is as stated below;

  • Adult dosage: -600 mg one time a day for 10 days.
  • For pneumonia and skin infection: –two times a day
  • Kidney problems: – 300 mg one time a day

Follow these simple things to give the best results

  • Take your medicine same time every day
  • Shake to mix medication in uniform manner
  • Complete the given dose though you start feeling better in few doses.
  • Avoid to miss any dose
  • Don’t take the double dose for the missed one
  • You can take the medicine with or without food

What are the precautions in taking Cefdinir?

Be careful in taking this medicine if you have;

  • If you are allergic to this class of drugs
  • Inform Doctor what other medicines you take to avoid reactions
  • Inform if you are pregnant or if you plan to be pregnant
  • Discuss how to monitor your Diabetes along with Cefdinir
  • Avoid food that have had iron added to them along with Cefdinir

COST OF Generic Cefdinir vs Omnicef

The generic medicine is cheaper than the brand ones. They both contain same active ingredient and show same effect.

Cefdinir 300 mg per unit price is $ 4.49, and pack of 20 capsules costs $90. The brand Omnicef 300 mg per unit price is $ 14.16, and pack of 20 capsules costs $ 283.2 .This shows the difference between the two for same effect.

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