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Medication That Helps Fight Cold Sores and Genital Herpes Outbreak

Topical acyclovir is an antiviral medication for the skin. It helps reduce the severity of the herpes sores or lesion and pain by slowing down the growth of the virus and by preventing the virus from spreading. Acyclovir cream helps fight cold sores on the lips and face while acyclovir ointment helps fight genital herpes outbreak.

Acyclovir belongs to the antiviral medicines known as synthetic nucleoside analogs. It can stop the infections from spreading but it will not cure or prevent the infection. Acyclovir can only lessen the symptoms of the infection.

How to use topical acyclovir?

It is usually applied 5 times a day for 4 days. Acyclovir treatment should start as soon as the first sign of the symptoms appears such as blisters, tingling or burning sensation. Before using topical acyclovir, wash your hands thoroughly. Apply a liberal amount of acyclovir on the affected areas of the skin. Rub it gently until the cream disappears. Do not use this medication on a larger amount and longer than what is recommended. This medication comes with a label. Read the instructions properly before using this medication.

For acyclovir ointment, apply enough ointment on genital lesions every 3 hours for 7 days. Use this medication for the entire duration of your treatment.

What are the side effects of topical acyclovir?

Common side effects of topical acyclovir are:

  • Dryness of the treated areas
  • Cracked, dry or peeling of lips
  • Stinging, burning and itching when the medicine is applied

Some serious side effects are:

  • Hives
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Difficulty swallowing or breathing

This is not a complete list of side effects. In case you will experience side effects not mentioned above, contact your doctor right away.

Important Information

  • Avoid getting topical acyclovir in your eyes, nose and mouth. If this happens, rinse it with clean water.
  • Avoid letting the affected areas comes in contact with other people. Infections due to herpes are very contagious that even while under medication, you can infect other people.
  • Avoid having sexual intercourse to prevent the virus from spreading to your partner.
  • After applying the medication, wash your hands properly to prevent the virus from passing to other people. As much as possible, wear a glove or use a cotton swab when applying topical acyclovir.
  • When treating cold sores, apply only on the outer part of the lips

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