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Gemfibrozil is a lipid-lowering agent. It is used for:

  • Lowering high levels of fats in the blood such as triglycerides and cholesterol. It is used when diet and lifestyle changes such as an exercised have not reduced the lipids enough.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular events like a heart attack or angina pectoris among patients with high levels of cholesterol. It is also used among patients with a high risk of heart disease who cannot take statin medicines.

Gemfibrozil is a type of medicine known as fibrates. It helps lower the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in people with pancreatic and cardiovascular disease. It works by:

  • Increasing the breakdown of triglycerides present in the body.
  • Decreasing the production of triglycerides in the liver.
  • Decreasing the production of LDL cholesterol “bad fats” by the liver. This causes the liver to take up excess LDL in the blood at the same time increasing the HDL “good fats” levels.
  • Reducing the risk of excess fats being deposited in the blood vessels of the heart also known as atherosclerosis.

Why Buy Gemfibrozil?

Gemfibrozil is an effective lipid-lowering agent. It can significantly lower the LDL and triglycerides in the blood as it raises the HDL. It is more effective than non-statin cholesterol-lowering drugs with fewer side effects. Gemfibrozil is available as generic and brand name versions.

How to Take Gemfibrozil?

Gemfibrozil comes in a tablet form that you need to take orally. Take it exactly as prescribed by your physician. The typical dose is 600 mg twice a day, 30 minutes before taking your meal. Take it at around the same time every day. Do not take more or less than what is prescribed. Do not stop taking Gemfibrozil without telling your doctor.

Things to Remember

  • It is important that you do regular exercise and eats a healthy diet while taking this medicine.
  • Avoid drinking excess alcohol because this may increase the risk of side effects on the muscle and liver problems. If you experience any muscle pain, spasm, tenderness or weakness contact your doctor right away.
  • Patients who are 70 years of age and above, with a decrease in kidney function and muscular disorder must use Gemfibrozil with care.
  • Do not use Gemfibrozil if you have:
    • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Are allergic to any of its ingredients
    • With a decrease liver function
    • With a severely decreased kidney function
  • Gemfibrozil can interact with statins. It may interact with blood thinners, oral diabetes medication and insulin. Inform your doctor if you are taking any other medications.

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