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Costs of Gabapentin versus Neurontin

Generic drug is a drug or medicine which has the same active ingredients with the brand name or patented drug sold in the market. Eg Generic Gabapentin (GPN).

Generic Gabapentin (GPN)

Similarly, we can see Gabapentin which is a generic drug used in the treatment of neurological disorders like seizures, hotflashes, epilepsy, restless leg symptoms, it has the same active ingredients seen in Neurontin ( brand name ). Gabapentin is more often used as compare to Neurontin and other comparable drugs due to its similar effects and the fact it cost less.


The Generic name of Neurontin is Gabapentin. It is an anticonvulsant i.e. it acts upon nerves in the body which are responsible for some types of pain. It is also seen prominently been used in seizures, epilepsy.


Seizures are conditions where we see some degree of temporary brain dysfunction due to the disturbance in the electrical activity or electrical impulse which enables brain to communicate with the spinal cord, nerves and muscles and even within  itself. It occurs either in early childhood or in late adult hood. It can also described as sudden rush of electrical activity in brain.


it is a type of neurological disorder seen in people of all age limit. Mostly a complicated condition including many or recurrent seizures in brain and nerves system.

Comparative Cost of Gabapentin and Neurontin.

As we mentioned above Gabapentin is cheaper and shows same results as Neurontin. Let’s see the comparative price study of Gabapentin and Neurontin in price per pill:

ExampleStrengthRx2Go.Com(in $)Per unit costAposaveNeurontin (in $)Per unit costQuality prescription drugNeurontin (in $)Per unit cost

Aposave  and quality prescription drug are the websites selling online medicines in U.K and USA. In United States it has been available as a generic drug since 2004. From the above comparison chart between the Gabapentin and Neurontin (diff websites)  we can conclude that Generic Gabapentin is very cheap as compared to the brand name neurontin, but shows same effects.

Uses of Generic Gabapentin (Neurontin)

  • It act upon nerves in the body which are responsible for some types of pain i.e Neuropathic pain
  • It can be used to treat seizures and epilepsy.
  • It can be used to treat hot flashes.
  • Gabapentin can limit the use of pain relieving drug like opioid following surgery.
  • It is said to be an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug.
  • It is also use to give relief from itching in kidney failure.
  • It is also useful in treating nerve pain which is caused due to infection of shingles virus and legs syndrome.
  • Sometime it is also commonly used for unapproved medication like to treat anxiety disorder, insomnia, bipolar disorder etc.
  • It is also used as mood stabilizer i.e, as a psychiatric drug in case of mental health issues such as mood disorder.
  • Gabapentin is also found useful in review 2010 in neuropathic pain in cancer.
  • It is cheaper than and as effective as pregabalin and for the same treatments .

Working of gabapentin (Neurontin)

Gabapentin’s  work is not yet totally understood  . It is type of anticonvulsant drug . there are  two enzymes involved  in GABA biosynthesis i.e.  glutamate decraboxylase (GAD) and branched chained aminotransferase (BCAT) , gabapentin modulates their action. It is found that gabapentin increases GABA biosynthesis and non –synaptic GABA neuro transmission  in humans and rats (in vitro). It is seen that, in diabetic neuropathy and post herpetic neuralgia, that gabapentin binds with a2 – 1 sub unit of voltage gated calcium ion channels (factor contributing to its pain attenuation effects ) thus giving a pain relief.

Overall , in the above discussion about generic gabapentin and neurontin , gabapentin is more beneficial due to low cost and similar effects and now a days is easily available  online.