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Acinetobacter is a bacteria found in soil and water. It is also present in a hospital environment. These bacteria cause diseases such as Pneumonia and Meningitis. It typically infects patients in the Intensive Care Unit. This infection can spread easily in patients with a weak immune system and who’s very ill.

Acinetobacter Baumanni is one of the species of bacteria. It has a record of 80% reported condition of infection. The following are the diseases caused by these bacteria:

  1. Pneumonia
  2. Bloodstream Infections
  3. Meningitis
  4. Urinary Tract Infection or UTI
  5. Wound infections which include the “flesh-eating bacterium” necrotizing fasciitis.


The following are the symptoms of having this condition:

  1. Fever, cough
  2. Having a swollen, warm, and painful wounds and skin areas
  3. An area of orange skin with blisters
  4. Chest pain and muscle pain
  5. Trouble in breathing
  6. Burning feeling while urinating
  7. Sleepiness
  8. Headaches
  9. Having stiff neck


This infection has a low risk to a healthy person. An unhealthy person is the one who gets transmitted to this disease. The following are at risk:

  1. A person with chronic lung disease
  2. A person with diabetes
  3. A patient on a ventilator
  4. A patient that has a prolonged hospital stay
  5. A person with an open wound
  6. A patient using a device like catheters

Other hospitalized patients have a greater risk of this infection. This can lead to other diseases. This condition may transmit to a patient by:

  1. Direct contact from person-to-person
  2. Direct contact with contaminated surfaces.


The bacteria can live on the human skin. It can survive in our environment for several days. Strict attention must apply to get rid of the infection. The following are the proper hygiene:

  • Practice strict hand hygiene
  • Proper cleaning in every surface
  • Disinfecting properly of the equipment used
  • Proper use of gloves, face masks and laboratory gowns
  • The use of disposable equipment
  • Careful use of antibiotics


The prescribed drug in treating this condition is antibiotics. Doctors may prescribe the following drugs:

  • Meropenem
  • Colistin
  • Polymyxin B
  • Amikacin
  • Rifampin
  • Minocycline

The above medication will help you in treating your condition. Taking too much of doses can create another disease.

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