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Medication to Reduce Levels of Cholesterol & its Other Components

Ezetimibe is an anti-hyperlipidemic medication. It is used to lower cholesterol levels. The therapy is used along with the diet. It reduces the increased levels of cholesterol & its other components. Its other components include total C, LDL-C Apo B and fatty substances. It is only for the patients whose cholesterol level is not controlled by diet. The drug is popular as compared to other drugs of the same class.

How do Ezetimibe works?

Ezetimibe belongs to the class of medications known as lipid-lowering compounds. It inhibits the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and related phytosterols. Cholesterol-reducing compounds inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver.  Ezetimibe doesn’t inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver. It involves in the local action.

The drug acts to brush out the borders of the small intestine to remove cholesterol. It also inhibits the absorption of cholesterol there. This decreases the amount of cholesterol which is delivered through the intestine in the liver. The store of cholesterol in the liver decreases. As a result, there is an increase in the uptake of cholesterol from the blood.

How to take Ezetimibe?

Ezetimibe is available in the form of a tablet of strength 10 mg.

General dose: The recommended dose is 10 mg tablet one time a day. You should take the tablet around the same time every day. You can take it with or without food.

Children (10 years or older): 10 mg tablet one time a day.

Children (< or = to 10 years): Safety and efficacy isn’t established for this age group.

What are the uses of Ezetimibe?

  • Reduces cholesterol in people with high cholesterol levels.
  • Used alone or in combination with other medication in adjunct with diet.
  • Lowers the level of
  • Total cholesterol.
  • Bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • Fatty substance in the blood.
  • Raises the level of good cholesterol.
  • Reduces the cholesterol absorbed in your digestive tract.
  • Adds to the cholesterol-lowering effect of statins. A statin is a group of medication that reduces the cholesterol your body makes by itself.
  • Used in a hereditary illness. (Increase in Plant sterol in your blood).
  • Reduces the risk of
  • Heart attack.
  • Surgery to increase heart blood flow.
  • Hospitalization for chest pain in the heart patient.

What are the Precautions in taking Ezetimibe?

  • It is important to take certain precautions in taking Ezetimibe. Tell your doctor if you have/are
  • Allergic to Ezetimibe or other ingredients in it.
  • Current liver problem.
  • Pregnant / Breast feeding
  • Taking some other medicines.
  • The drug alone hasn’t been shown to prevent heart disease or heart attacks.
  • The drug is not recommended for children less than 10 years old.
  • It does not help you to lose weight.
  • Some people may get dizzy after taking Ezetimibe. Confirm your ability if you have to drive or use machinery.
  • Ask your Doctor if you want to stop taking Ezetimibe.

Cost of Ezetimibe (Generic & Brand).

Generic medicines are cheaper than brand ones. Generic drugs don’t include the cost of research and development of the drug. Other cost-saving methods also add to the reduction of their price.

Cost of Generic Ezetimibe.

Pack of 10 tablets of Ezetimibe (10mg) cost $ 9, per unit cost is $ 0.9.

Cost of Brand Zetia.

Pack of 10 tablets of Zetia (10mg) cost 118.32, per unit cost is $ 11.83.