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What Condition Does Fenofibrate Treat and Its Price?

Fenofibrate is in the group of medicines called fibrates used to help lower bad fats or cholesterol. This increases the natural substance that breaks down fats in the blood. This prescription has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What condition does Fenofibrate treat?

Fenofibrate is a prescription medicine used along with a proper diet to help lower bad fats or cholesterol such as triglycerides and LDL. This medicine raises good cholesterol in the blood. Lowering triglycerides in people with very high triglycerides in the blood levels might reduce the risk of pancreas disease. In addition to eating a proper diet and other lifestyle changes that might help with this medicine work better include:

  • Stopping smoking
  • Losing weight if overweight
  • Exercising

How does Fenofibrate work?

Fenofibrate works generally by stimulating the action of an enzyme that breaks down bad fats or cholesterol. This is called lipoprotein lipase that is found in muscle and fat tissue. Stimulating this enzyme increases the breakdown of bad fats or cholesterol in the blood. Also, this medicine increases the levels of good cholesterol. The general effect is dropped levels of bad fats or cholesterol and elevated levels of good fats in the blood.

This medication is used when blood lipid levels cannot be lowered by diet and exercise alone. It is vital to continue to follow a cholesterol-lowering diet and exercise regime while taking Fenofibrate. Discuss this with your doctor.

What is the dosage of Fenofibrate?

  • Take Fenofibrate exactly as your doctor prescribed you. The usual dose for this is 200 mg each day. Your dose, how you take it, and the times you will be taking it depends on your condition being treated and your response.
  • Each dose of Fenofibrate should be taken with food unless you are directed to do otherwise. This drug is better absorbed by your body when there is some food in your stomach. Also, some people find it easier to swallow with a glass of water.
  • You can take Fenofibrate at a time of the day that is easy for you to remember but it is best to take it at the same time each day. It will remind you to take your medicine regularly.
  • Take your dose as soon as you remember if you forget it. If you don’t remember until the next day, leave it and take the dose that is due as normal. You should not take the same time to make up for the missed dose.

What are the precautions in using Fenofibrate?

  • If you are taking Fenofibrate as part of your treatment, tell your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have problems with your kidney or liver, have problems with your pancreas, and if an have underactive thyroid gland.
  • It is important to let your doctor know if you have ever had an allergic reaction to this drug or you have any allergies. Tell also if you have a bad skin reaction to a medicine called ketoprofen that is used to treat swelling and pain.
  • Inform your healthcare provider if you are taking any other medicines including prescriptions, non-prescription, herbal products, vitamins, or food supplements.
  • Regularly keep your appointments with your doctor to check your progress. You may need to have regular blood tests during the early stage of your treatment. These are to check that your liver stays healthy.
  • You will give you advice about having a healthy diet, lessening the amount of salt in your diet, avoiding drinking too much alcohol, and stopping smoking. Following this advice will help you decrease your risk of developing heart and blood vessel disease.
  • Fenofibrate might cause your skin to become more sensitive to sunlight than usual. Avoid strong sunbeds and sunlight until you know how your skin reacts and use a sun cream with a high sun protection factor even on bright but cloudy days.
  • Treatment with this medication is usually long-term unless you experience an adverse effect. Continue taking this drug unless you are advised otherwise by your doctor.

Price of Fenofibrate vs. Fenoglide 

The generic is a lot cheaper and more effective drug in lowering your LDL levels or bad cholesterol levels. Fenofibrate only costs $65.17 per 30 tablets with a strength of 40 mg at Rx 2 Go Pharmacy. The brand name Fenoglide costs $374.41 with the same quantity and strength.