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How to Stop Restless leg syndrome Immediately?

Restless leg syndrome is a disorder in the nervous system that causes an overpowering urge to move your legs. It comes along with an uncomfortable sensation at nighttime or when lying down.


What Triggers Restless Leg Syndrome?

The specific trigger of restless leg syndrome is not known yet. However, several factors cause the condition and may trigger its attack. Aside from genetic risk factors, restless leg syndrome is also triggered by the following factors:

Home Remedies to Stop the Restlessness Immediately

  1. Rule out the potential causes. Addressing or determining the potential causes of restless leg syndrome to help you decide the next step of treatment. Assess your habits, medications, or if whether or not you are pregnant.
  2. Ensure to have healthy sleep habits. Having good sleep habits could help you offset the sleep loss you suffer from your condition. Make your sleep restful and restorative by having a proper sleep schedule. 
  3. Vitamin and iron supplements. Iron deficiency is thought to be one of the main causes of RLS. Addressing iron deficiency may alleviate restless leg syndrome caused by iron deficiency.
  4. Exercise. Aerobic exercise and lower body resistance training ease mild symptoms of restless leg . But, ensure to avoid working out to the point of aches and pains, as this could make your RLS symptoms worse. You can also incorporate yoga and stretching.
  5. Massage. Massaging your leg muscles could help ease restless leg syndrome symptoms. Massage and direct pressure on leg muscles improve circulation and relaxation.
  6. Prescription medications. Medication is a key treatment for moderate to severe RLS. Dopaminergic drugs are typical prescription that relieves symptoms of restless leg . 
Alcohol or drug abuse

Tips for Better Sleep for People with Restless Leg Syndrome 

  • Take a hot bath with two cups of Epsom salts, which contain magnesium. 
  • Eat a protein-rich meal for dinner to stabilize your blood sugar. Avoid carbohydrates or sweets before bedtime.
  • Drink a lot of water and eat bananas to avoid dehydration and low potassium.
  • Elevate your legs, keep the temperature cool in the room, and do deep breathing exercises. 
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome

The first line of defense against restless legs syndrome is to avoid substances or foods that may aggravate or worsen the problem. Your doctor will determine the medication for restless leg syndrome after a careful medical assessment.

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