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Treating Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, Jock itch, Vaginal and Oral Thrush

Itraconazole is a triazole antifungal medicine. It is approved by the U.S. food & drug administration (FDA) for treating various fungal infections. It is helpful in treating HIV infection. Fungal infections in the lungs are treated with Itraconazole.

How does Itraconazole work?

Itraconazole treats certain fungal infections. The cell membrane is very important for the growth of any cell. The drug prevents the production of certain substance necessary for fungal cell. This weakens the cell membrane of various yeast and fungi. Essential constituents of the fungal cell can come out of the cell. The cells die due to this & the infection clears.

What are the uses of Itraconazole?

Itraconazole is useful in the treatment of many fungal infections as given below.

  1. Fungal infection like athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch
  2. Vaginal Thrush
  3. Oral Thrush
  4. Infection caused by Aspergillus fungi
  5. Infection caused by Candida fungi
  6. Infection caused by Cryptococcus fungi
  7. Fungal infection of Nail
  8. Prevents fungal infection in AIDS people
  9. Prevents infections in people having low white blood cells count

How to take Itraconazole?

Itraconazole is available in the form of capsules of 100 mg. These are oral medicines. The length of the treatment depends on the following conditions.

  • Type of condition
  • The severity of the infections.

Swallow the capsule with a full meal or as directed by the doctor.General doses of Itraconazole is 200 mg, two times a day. The doctor may adjust the dose according to the conditions of the patient. The maximum dose is 400 mg a day. The daily dose is divided into 2 equal parts in a day.

What are the Precautions with Itraconazole?

It is important to be cautious while taking Itraconazole. They are as follows,

  • You should take a capsule after a full meal.
  • Take daily dose divided into 2 equal parts.
  • You should take it at the same time every day.
  • Avoid taking this capsule if you suffer from congestive heart failure.
  • Do not take it if you are pregnant or plan to be pregnant or Breastfeeding.
  • Inform your doctor if you take other medicines. This may reduce the risk of side effects.
  • Discuss with doctors if you have any of these conditions.
  • Liver disease
  • Lung disease.
  • Allergy to Itraconazole.
  • History of irregular heartbeat etc.

Cost of Itraconazole. [Generic & Brand]

The generic drug does not require research and development of the drug. So do not spend a lot of money on this. Direct sources of the raw material also decrease our cost. Other cost-saving measures also help us to sell generic medicines at cheaper rates. Buying in bulk also gives you more of benefit.

Cost of Itraconazole 100 mg capsule is $ 2.9 per unit. The pack of 10 capsules cost is $ 29.

Cost of Sporanox 100 mg capsule is $ 26.84 per unit. The pack of 10 capsules cost is $ 268.43.

You can compare the difference between the generic and brand version. So always go with generic.

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