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Refill Reminder

In addition to the highest standards we offer, and the lowest prices guaranteed, Rx2Go.com is now offering a new service that we believe will benefit many customers! Our new Refill Reminder program will allow customers to make sure they get their medication refills in a timely manner.

How Does it Work?

One of our customer service agents will notify you either by phone or email, if you have not refilled your medications according to your selected schedule. We will contact you only if you have requested, and only on the days you have chosen.

If you don’t need the reminder anymore or want to change the frequency, no problem! There is a cancellation and modification tab you can use at any time within your account settings.

You will be asked about the Refill Reminder option when you place an order and checkout in the shopping cart. There, you will be asked if you want this feature, and what method you want us to contact you, and what time frequency.

You may also call us if you require the medications earlier.

Please note that we will not bill or ship the refill, unless we have received verification from you.

Our agents may also offer this new service to customers who call us during business hours.