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Reboxetine Treatment For Depressive Disorders

Reboxetine is a generic drug sold as brand name Edronax. It belongs to the class of (NRIs). It is anti-depressant. WHO has ranked depression fourth in a list of urgent problems worldwide. Depression is a mental disorder. Patient remains in low mood for at least two weeks in this disorder. It include loss of interest, low energy, pain without a clear cause. Some people may hear or see things that don’t happen. It can effect a person life, sleeping, eating habits and general health. It is useful in panic disorder too.


It is first published in 1984 discovered by farmitalia-caria Erba. It was hand over to Pharmacia in 1993. FDA accepted the approval in 1999. Pfizer in 2003 took charge of Pharmacia. But FDA issued “not approval” letter dependent on the clinical trials in 2001. In 2010, the British medical journal showed that it doesn’t work. The British MHRA in 2011 September said that each study had several limitation. Overall the balance of benefits and risk for above drug remains positive in its authorized indication.


It belongs to the class of NRIs drugs. It inhibits reuptake of noradrenaline. In depression, the amount of chemical (nor adrenaline) declines. The nerve cell in the brain releases this chemical .The chemical acts to lighten mood. Its amount decreases due to re-absorption in the nerve cell. This can affect mood. Above discussed drug works by preventing the re-absorption of this chemical back in the nerve cell. In this way it improves mood and relieve depression.


It is available in the form of tablets. Initial dose is 4 mg one or two times a day. Doctor can increase dose to 8 or 10 mg as needed. Maximum recommended dose is 12 mg per day.


  1. It is unique drug that deal with fear and stimulate the mind.
  2. It prevents the re-absorption of related chemical back in to the nerve cell. This improves the good mood.
  3. Majority of patients can tolerate it.
  4. Efficacy was in excess to the side effects.
  5. It helps restore social functioning and produce a better quality of remission.
  6. It acts as stimulant too.
  7. It is safer than SSRIs class of drugs.
  8. Some people take it as off label to treat low back pain.


Some common side effects which don’t need medical attention. They reduce as the body gets use to it. They are as follows;

  • Headache
  • Dry mouth and increased sweating
  • Urinary hesitance
  • Stomach upset
  • Some rare cases include
  • Anxiety, loss of appetite
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Urinary retention in men
  • Increased orgasm in men
  • Premature discharge of semen


It is necessary to take care in certain conditions as discussed below;

  • It can interfere with other anti-depressant. It is necessary to take doctors advise to use it in combination.
  • Avoid driving. It reduces ability to drive or operate machinery
  • Don’t use in patients with severe heart problems, liver or kidney disease.
  • No evidence is present to prove the drug as safe in pregnancy and breast feeding.
  • Use of medicine isn’t allowed in children and adolescence under 18 years.


In case of generic drug, it is available in 2 mg and 4 mg tablet. The cost of generic Reboxetine 2 mg is $ 0.28 and 4 mg is $ 0.38. However cost of brand version of drug sold in USA is $1.25 for 4 mg tablet. Here we can see the difference of price between the two.