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Medication that Treats GERD and Zollinger – Ellison Syndrome

Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a disease when stomach acid flows back into the tube Connecting your mouth and stomach (esophagus). The acid can cause irritation of the esophagus. It can be mild, moderate or severe. Many people of mild to moderate adjust themselves to lifestyle changes and over the counter medicines. But moderate to severe types may sometimes need strong medication or even surgery to ease the symptoms.

Lansoprazole is used to treat GERD. It helps to ease the discomfort due to the above symptom of the disease.

How do Lansoprazole works?

Lansoprazole is in the class of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Our stomach shows tiny substances called as proton pump in the lining of the stomach. This proton pump helps the stomach to make acid.

The people with GERD disease, excess acid in the stomach moves into the esophagus. This causes discomfort and may lead to other problems. Lansoprazole inhibits the action of proton pumps. This leads to decrease in the amount of acid production of the stomach. It prevents the acid to cause frequent heartburn.

How to take Lansoprazole?      

Lansoprazole is available in the form of a pill. Dosage strength is 15 mg and 30 mg. Take the pill 30 to 60 minutes before a first meal. Swallow it with a glass of water. The dose is different for different patients. It depends on

  1. Age.
  2. Type of disease.
  3. How severe is the condition?

Usual dosage: –   

  • Adult dosage- 15 to 30 mg one time in a day.
  • Children dosage- dose & use must be determined by your doctor.

What are the uses of Lansoprazole?

  1. It is used to prevent stomach and intestinal ulcers.
  2. It reduces the amount of acid made by the stomach.
  3. It reduces acid reflux.
  4. It relieves the symptom of heartburn.
  5. Treats difficulty swallowing and persistent cough due to above reasons.
  6. Treats GERD and Zollinger- Ellison syndrome caused due to stomach acid.
  7. Heals stomach and esophagus.
  8. Treats H. Pylori infections.

What are the precautions in taking Lansoprazole?

  • Certain conditions may create problems while taking Lansoprazole. Inform or ask your doctor if you have/ are.
  • Allergic to above drug or other PPIs.
  • Liver disease / lumps.
  • Breastfeeding
  • Any other allergies.
  • Pregnant
  • Dental or any other surgery.
  • It may increase your risk of bone fractures with longer use.
  • Tell your doctor about all other medicines you take. This help to avoid drug interaction.

Cost of Lansoprazole (generic and brand)

Generic drugs are cheap with the same effect as brand ones. They do not need to spend on research and development. They also apply other cost-cutting methods to sell cheap generic drugs. So it is always beneficial to go with generic medicines.

  • Cost of generic Lansoprazole.

-Pack of 30 pills of 15 mg costs $ 9, per unit cost is $ 0.3.

-Pack of 30 pills of 30 mg costs $ 14, per unit costs is $ 0.47.

  • Cost of brand Prevacid.

-Pack of 30 pills of 15 mg costs $ 98.00, per unit cost is $ 3.27.

-Pack of 30 pills of 30 mg costs $ 102.23, per unit cost is $ 3.41.


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