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Levetiracetam is an antiepileptic medication. It is U.S Food and Drug Administration approved for:

  • Primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures adolescents from 12 years of age and adults
  • Partial seizures, with or without secondary generalized seizures in adults and children from one month of age with epilepsy
  • Myoclonic seizures in adolescents from 12 years of age and adults with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

Its exact mechanism of action is unknown but it is believed to inhibit the spread of seizure activity in the brain. It helps stabilize the electrical activity in the brain when the normal function is disturbed.

Why Buy Levetiracetam?

Levetiracetam is widely used around the world to treat epilepsy. It is a potent and fast-absorbing drug. It is available in tablet, oral solution and injection form. The brand name Keppra is moderately priced compared with the generic version. You can buy the generic drug here without the hassle of going over to a regular pharmacy. This will also save you both time and money.

How to Take Levetiracetam?

Take Levetiracetam as directed by your physician. The usual recommended dose for an adult is 3000 mg a day. The initial dose is 1000 mg divided into two separate doses. Your doctor may increase your dose by 1000 mg a day every 2 weeks. The maximum dose is 3000 mg a day.

The recommended dose for children is 60 mg per body kg divided into two separate doses. The initial recommended dose is 20 mg per kg and increased by 20 mg per kg every two weeks. The maximum dose is 60 mg per body kg.

Take it orally with or without food. Take it at around the same time each day. Do not take more than what is prescribed to you. Do not stop taking Levetiracetam without consulting your physician. A sudden stop can make your condition worse or will increase the risk of side effects.

Things to Remember

  • Patients with impaired kidney and liver function must use Levetiracetam with care.
  • Use this drug with care in children and adolescents.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women must consult first with their physician before using Levetiracetamn.
  • Children less than one month of age should not use this product.
  • This medicine can reduce your ability to operate machinery safely and to drive.
  • Patients with epilepsy should take Levetiracetam on a regular basis. Missing a dose can trigger seizures in some patient.

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