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Medication To Treat Early Stage of Breast Cancer

Aromatase is an enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (E1). It also converts androstenedione to estradiol. (E2). Ovary and placenta are the major sources of estrogen. Highest levels of aromatase are found in premenopausal women. This enzyme is found in liver fat muscle and breast cancer cells. Some breast cancer tumors grow when estrogens present. This condition may lead to breast cancer in a women. Anastrozole is used as therapy of Breast cancer. It is sold under the brand name Arimidex.

How do Anastrozole works?

Anastrozole is a non-steroidal inhibitor of aromatase. This effectively blocks estrogen synthesis in post-menopausal women. It cut down the amount of this hormone that your body makes. This blocks the conversion of androgens to estrogens in peripheral tissues. Anastrozole prevents breast cancer by this mechanism.

What are the uses of Anastrozole?

  1. Decreases the amount of estrogen that the body makes.
  2. Slow or reverse the growth of the breast cancer.
  3. Used with other treatment such as surgery or radiation to treat early breast cancer.
  4. Treat breast cancer that is worsen after taking tamoxifen.
  5. The medication may be prescribe for other uses not included in medication guide.

How to take Anastrozole?

Dosage: – Anastrozole is available in the form of tablet of 1mg. General dose is 1mg tablet one time a day for five years. Take by mouth with or without food. Try to take the tablet same time ever day.

Continue to take the tablet as per Doctor’s prescription. You may need to take for five years or longer period or until doctors says to stop. Swallow the tablet whole with a glass of water. Continue to take the tablet till tumor progression.

What is the precaution in taking Anastrozole?

Precaution may be need in certain condition discussed below. Inform or discuss with your Doctor regarding following conditions;

  1. If you are pregnant or plan to be pregnant. This medicine could harm unborn baby. Inform your doctor
  2. This medicine may lead to some type of allergy called as anaphylaxis.
  3. In case of itching, hives trouble.
  4. Breathing, trouble swallowing,
  5. Swelling on face mouth or hand
  6. Chest pain.
  7. It may decrease bone mineral density if used for long time.
  8. It may have increase your cholesterol or fat in the blood.
  9. Women with history of ischemic heart disease, may be at a risk of heart attack or stroke.
  10. Avoid alcohol. As it may make you feel tired and drowsy,

Cost of Anastrozole (Generic and Brand)

Both generic and brand drug contain Anastrozole as the main active ingredient. So the action of mechanism is same in both case. But the difference in the price is due to the packaging, pricing and the brand name of the company.

Generic medicine are cheaper because they don’t spent much on research. Other cost-cutting measures allow us to sell generic Anastrozole at low price.

Cost of Anastrozole –

Pack of 30 tablets of 1mg cost $ 79.0, per unit cost is $ 2.63.

Brand Arimidex –

Pack of 30 tablets of 1mg cost $ 458.61, per unit cost is $15.29.

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